The Benefits of Mobile Inventory Software

Mobile Inventory Systems are an ideal solution for technical service companies who are battling to manage the movement of stock in the field. Companies with massive stock holdings run inventory systems to monitor all of their stock that enters and exits their main warehouse. With that, comes the problem of keeping track of the hands removing or transferring the said stock. Smaller to medium businesses also experience the same problem, with smaller amounts of stock stored in a storeroom not being managed correctly. In smaller businesses, the odd item is misplaced here and there, but one item a month could amount to thousands come year-end.

Technicians' vans are like mobile warehouses. Stock is added and removed all the time, as the jobs are done. Business owners often fail to see the downfalls of not tracking stock right up until it is placed at the customer's location, and this is where companies are overspending to compensate for “missing” items.

The Benefits of Mobile Inventory Software:

Minimise Overspending

If you do not regularly keep a record of your inventory, you can end up ordering stock that you might already have, or forget to replenish particular items. Inventory Software will guarantee a cut back in overspending and overstocking, or forgetting to order stock. Technicians will be able to know exactly what stock quantities are available and where the unused stock could be sitting. They will also be able to see if the stock is in another worker's van or in the main warehouse. Workers can capture each transaction from their mobile device, which makes the job flow a lot more efficiently. Inventory software allows you to stay on top of your stock and avoid losses in the long run.

Saves Time

Knowing what stock is currently available on hand helps workers because they will know exactly when to put new orders in with suppliers, which saves the time of having to chase after stock last minute. With inventory software, workers will no longer be delayed because they are waiting for stock and materials. When you have a digital system, the stock is ordered, delivered and collection captured, so that your workers can carry on without hassle.

Work on the Go

The inventory system will allow your field workers to record a collection right from their mobile devices. If they need to return stock to the warehouse, or if another worker is running low, the mobile inventory system will allow your workers to create a picking list for themselves, while keeping a full history of all transactions made. Field workers can enter information at the source, which removes a lot of the administration time and paperwork that usually follows general stock management.

Eworks Manager's Mobile Inventory Software can offer you all the benefits while being integrated with a fully-featured Job Management System, to manage and track what products are used for each job. Register for the 14-day trial today to see how your business can benefit from a Mobile Inventory Platform.

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