Benefits of Mobile Inventory Software

Benefits of Mobile Inventory Software


Mobile Inventory Software is the perfect solution for technical service companies and is ideal when it comes to managing the movement of all stock in the field.

You will find that companies with massive stock holdings are running Inventory systems to monitor stock that enters and exits their main warehouse, but essentially the concern should lie with the hands removing or transferring the said stock. Coinciding with those bigger companies are the smaller to medium business’s where a smaller amount of stock is stored in a storeroom that is not managed correctly because, who cares if the odd item is misplaced, we can just buy a new one, but one item a month could amount to thousands come year end.

Technicians’ vans should be seen as a mobile warehouse, where stock is added and removed as and when a job is done. Business owners fail to see the downfalls of not tracking stock right up until it is placed on a customers location and this is where companies are overspending to compensate for “missing” items, wasting time by not knowing your stock holding and leaving a heap of paperwork for your office staff to chase your technicians so that you can be paid.



The Benefits of Mobile Inventory Software:


Minimise Overspend

Your field workers know that they have a job to do and will do anything to get it done even if that means ordering what is already there. Having your workers use  Mobile Inventory Software  will guarantee a cut back in overspending. Each technician will know exactly what stock quantities are available and where unused stock could be sitting, whether it be in another workers van or back at the main warehouse. Having your workers capture each transaction from their mobile and cutting out the he said she said will ensure that sticky-fingered staff are noticed, even though we think the people we chose to employ are honest and trustworthy, no one can guarantee such predictability.


Save Time

Knowing what stock is currently available, whether it be in your warehouse or one of your workers vans could save you a huge amount of time on back and forth phone calls, emails and check-ins to see what is actually available, or who has extra stock left over. It will allow your workers to get the job done faster as they will be able see who has what stock with the click of a button. This also cuts out the delay of having a worker start the job and only being able to finish it at a later stage, once the parts have been ordered, delivered and collection captured.


Work on the Go!

While we’re on delivery and collection, an  Inventory system will allow your field workers to record a collection right from their mobile devices, leaving the office to capture only the payment. If your field workers need to return stock back to the warehouse, or if another worker is running low the mobile inventory system will allow your workers to create a picking list themselves, while keeping a full history of all transactions made. By having information entered at the source removes a lot of the administration and paperwork that usually accompanies general stock management.


Eworks Manger’s Mobile Inventory Software  can offer you all the benefits while being integrated with a fully featured Job Management Software, to manage and track what products are used for each job.

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