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A Full Featured Mobile Inventory System Designed to Manage and Streamline Your Entire Business from Start to End.

  • Improve Production
  • Efficient Planning
  • Minimize Stock Loss
  • Access Control
  • Manage Inventory & Assign Jobs
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Mobile Inventory

Manage and Track your Stock with Mobile Inventory

Our Mobile Inventory Feature Will Help Your Business

  • Estimate Jobs Correctly
  • Monitor Multiple Locations
  • Manage Stock Control
  • Track Deliveries of Goods
  • Manage Customer Orders
  • Oversee Sales Performance
  • Know The Value of Items Per Location
  • Create Work Orders
  • Track Expenses
  • Avoid Product Understock and Overstock
  • Track Suppliers
  • Keep a Movement History of Items

Manage your business the right way with our mobile inventory feature!

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No matter your business, everyone can do with some form of inventory management. A restaurateur can use it to keep on top of their stock of food and drink, a plumber might use it to keep inventory on their parts, and anyone who owns a retail shop will use it to track their stock. Are you searching for a new inventory tracker? Let’s take a look at our mobile inventory.
Is this something you need for your business? If so, contact us about our mobile inventory management software today. It could completely transform the way you do business for the better.


1What is Mobile Inventory?
Are you looking to manage your inventory and easily maintain your stock whilst on the move? Silly question - of course you are! Eworks Manager works with many different industries across the world such as Electrical, Facilities Management, HVAC Management, Locksmiths, Property Maintenance, Plumbing and Heating and many more. All these industries have workers out in the field who will carry out various jobs. A stock management system will ensure you are reactive when it comes to over ordering, under ordering and theft control, which in turn minimises your expenditure and allows for quicker turnaround time on your jobs. If you have a warehouse or a store that holds your stock and multiple workers out in the field, then our mobile stock management is the perfect tool for you!
2Managing Stock
When materials are assigned to a job, your admin staff can quickly see if the field operative has the necessary materials available in their van. If not, with the click of a button they are able to inform the operative to collect stock from your warehouse or from a supplier in the case the warehouse is out of stock on an item. If your operatives are running low, they can generate orders from their mobile. The system will keep a full history of this, of course. It will give them the freedom to replenish their van without having to wait for another member of staff to intervene in the order and collection process.
3Tracking Stock
As each stock item is added, transferred or collected from a location, it automatically adjusts each locations quantity. This removes the hassle of capturing every movement manually. Mobile stock management is also an efficient way to carry out stock checks. Simply add your items and quantities and once completed, any discrepancies can be pointed out.
4Will My Employees Have Access to The Inventory?
Yes, your employees will be granted access to our mobile inventory software. If you work in an industry like plumbing, electrical, or even facilities management, it is likely that your employees will spend their working days travelling in the field between different jobs. You need a way to guarantee that your employees know what resources are available to them and our inventory tracker is the way to do it.
5How Does It Work?
Our software is super-simple to use and can be introduced to both you and your employees through our inventory tracker app. You can use it for a number of different processes, including but not limited to tracking deliveries, creating work orders, and tracking sales performances. It is an invaluable tool which will give you a clear and current interpretation of your business.
6Is It Compatible with My Devices?
We have worked hard to ensure that our devices are compatible with any and all devices you may choose to use in your business. Our inventory tracker app is compatible with both iPads and iPhones, as well as with Android devices. The inventory control software can also be used on a computer so everyone can stay updated no matter what they are viewing the program from.
7Why Should I opt For Inventory Management Software?
If you feel like you need a little more control over your stock and inventory, you should definitely think about implementing our inventory management software. Since it covers much more beyond a stock inventory, it can also streamline other aspects of your business, leaving you to feel like you are in more control of everything overall. Decisions will be easier to make, and you will know that everything is running as efficiently as possible.

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