Organise your Workflow by Switching to Job Management Software

Eworks Manager's Job Management System can help you to plan, organise, and track your entire workflow so that you can easily improve your business results and team performance.

Create and Assign Tasks and Manage your Team's Work with Eworks Manager's Job Management Software

Assign Jobs Smartly

Our Job Management System allows you to assign jobs to your workers smartly and easily. Using our drag and drop feature, you can drag and drop a job into your worker's calendar. As soon as a worker is assigned a task, they are informed via a notification on their mobile device.

Track your Assets

Eworks Manager's Asset Management Software lets you track and manage your assets to ensure their smooth running. You can quickly identify which assets require maintenance and build up maintenance schedules for them.

Calculate Working Hours Accurately

Eworks Manager lets you track and calculate your employees' working hours accurately via its Vehicle Tracking Software. Our software lets you disable vehicle tracking after office hours so that your workers can get the freedom they need when off duty. If tracking is not disabled after office hours, then this will result in inaccurate calculation of working hours.

Plan Economical Job Schedules

Our Route Planning Software helps you save both time and money by planning economical job schedules. Our system provides the most economical and fastest routes for your workers so that they can reach their job site quickly and easily.

Get Job Approval Easily

Eworks Manager's Job Management System provides various methods that can be used to get job approval on-site. Once a job has been completed, your customer can sign the completed job by using our signature approval method. Our audio approval method lets your clients approve jobs verbally. Our SMS and email method lets your customer approve a job by clicking on a link provided in the email or SMS.

Monitor your Team and Track your Jobs

Our Job Management System lets you keep an eye on your workers by allowing you to view their live locations. Our system lets your admin staff receive real-time updates allowing them to make decisions quickly and smartly. You can also track the status of your jobs via our system's live panel.

Our Vehicle Tracking Software helps you view your workers' locations all the time via the live map. By assigning a new job to the field worker who is closest to the job site, you can easily save time and fuel.

Digitise your Documents

Our mobile app allows you to digitise your documents so that you can view them anywhere, anytime. Your field workers can also complete certificates while they are on-site by using our mobile app.

Never lose any of your information

Asset Management Software of Eworks Manager lets you assign assets to your tasks or invoices and makes sure that none of your information is lost during the process. Our system ensures you always know where your assets are and that your clients are being invoiced for the relevant assets.

Monitor your Drivers

Eworks Manager's Vehicle Tracking Software provides a variety of driving behaviour reports like mileage, journey reports, and speeding reports which you can use to monitor the performance of your drivers. These reports help you to monitor your drivers and track your jobs easily and efficiently.

Eworks Manager's Job Management Software has all the features that your business requires to grow. So, streamline your business and improve its efficiency by starting a 14-day free trial today.

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