3 Ways Job Management Software Saves You Time

One constraint that all companies face is time. Management need enough time to supervise employees and handle admin work, and employees need enough time to get their jobs done well. Admin staff and owners need to have enough time to keep in contact with their clients, as well as actively search for new clients or leads.

A lack of time can be an efficiency and productivity killer for a developing or established company. Without the option to increase your workforce, you could find that your business will hit a plateau.

Increasing your workforce is not the only option. One way to save time is by introducing Job Management Software that can help you cut down on time-consuming activities. Using a cloud-based system has proven to be one of the best ways to increase productivity and profitability.
There are many ways a full-featured software system could help your company.

Here are the three most important time-savers of Job Management Software:

1. Integrated Accounting

Any good Job Management Software should help cut out unnecessary administration. Using software that integrates with your accounting package, could drastically reduce the time you spend on accounting and invoicing. This is because the software has a built-in invoicing system that integrates with all the key accounting programmes, including Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks.

2. Better Contact with Employees

Job Tracking Software like Eworks Manager ensures better contact between employees and employers. In the past, morning meetings were time-consuming but necessary for keeping tabs on project progress, or planning jobs for the day. With good Job Management Software, you can keep up to date of all this, without having a meeting. The software allows for individual oversight, re-assignment and any changes without having to be in the same room or the same building - perfect for companies whose employees are always on the move.

3. Faster Transactions

For some companies the biggest time-waster is also the most important; invoicing. With Eworks Manager's Job Management System, your employees will be able to complete electronic job sheets and all digitised documents in the field, speeding up the process from job completion to invoicing a job. Giving your customer an invoice the day their job is completed can speed up the payment process, and as a result, saving time and improving a company's cash flow.
Want to know more about the time-saving benefits of Eworks Manager? Register for a free 14-day trial to see for yourself, or book a no-obligation demo of the system.

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