Field Service Management

Field Service Management Software to help you manage your team of field workers

Field Service Management Software is an ever-changing industry and because of its evolving nature, consumers have a lot of expectations and of course frustrations.

E works manager are researching and gathering evidence on what customers main complaints are when it comes to their field service provider. The collation of these facts and figures is to ensure that E works manager is carrying out the right steps to provide an up to date, efficient service for you.

A recent study to decipher the issues that occur when selecting a field service provider surveyed 2,000 British adults. The outcome confirmed what the factors are that affect whether a consumer will use the same company for the second time.

The British public’s main concern when it comes to a field service issue is efficiency. 52% of those surveyed considered a technician who can solve the problem on the first visit to be a huge factor. However, one in four reported that unfortunately, a return visit is almost always necessary. Commonly a return visit is due to poor inventory or an inexperienced workforce – with 40% complaining their technician did not have appropriate tools or parts on the first visit. 27% even said the technician lacked the skills to complete the job.

Another aspect of efficiency is the waiting factor. One to three hours is thought of as the acceptable waiting appointment time, however, 36% of people reported wait times longer than this. In some cases, customers found themselves waiting up to 8 hours for assistance.

Field service management software with enhanced schedule accuracy improved productivity and workforce utilisation is likely to occur in improved service delivery times. This can be achieved through a unique algorithm which will learn the preferences of each technician, which mobile workers serve each area and what skills a technician may specify in and will allocate tasks accordingly.

Some sources believe that to achieve high standards of management and scheduling, it is necessary to rely on third party contractors and on demand technicians to deliver timely and efficient services. So that if an on demand/third party technician is in the area or has the appropriate parts, they can solve the problem in a quicker, more efficient fashion. As long as a tailored field service management software is used to track and show relevant and accurate information from the third party, which can then be used by any other software user, to keep the feedback all in one place, then contractors would be of no issue.

Customer services and price are seen as equally important to customers of field service management software. Therefore, a competent, friendly service must be provided at a reasonable, steady price, to achieve balanced customer satisfaction, retention and profitability.

Consumers start to make judgments about customer service from the very first interaction with a provider. They appreciate being informed of an accurate time when the technician will arrive. Lack of communication with a service technician prior to arrival is viewed as a major problem.

A huge 55% of consumers would refuse to use a service provider again if they had a poor customer service experience. Not only can this lose software providers current but also potential customers. If left unhappy, half of the customers will make a formal complaint to the company, one in five to the technician and a worrying one in ten would take to social media to vent their frustration.

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