Use Asset Management Software to Effectively Manage All Your Customer and Company Assets.

In hands-on industries like plumbing, electricals, construction, gardening, courier service, and the like, it’s the office side of work that seems less glamorous. The rest of your team gets to go outside, enjoy the (infrequent) sunshine, breathe in the drizzly air and meet interesting people, while the boss and admin team are mostly stuck indoors dealing with files, phone calls, work orders, invoices, and customer complaints when a worker is late.

Fortunately, it no longer has to be a nightmare. You can take care of all this and more on a single screen, while you calmly swing your chair and enjoy hot coffee. The system is so efficient that you might even get a moment to catch up with your favourite show. In 2017, Eworks Manager was awarded as Best Job Management Software Specialists, so let’s have a quick look at how we can make life easier for you.

Keep customers happy with improved Asset Management and Maintenance

Your customer is your biggest asset. They bring in the money – of course – but in service-based industries, especially the kind where you have to be in a customer’s house or office, they’re also your largest marketer. If they’re happy with your work, then you have instant access to all their friends, family, and neighbours. If it’s a business, they’ll tell all their peers and customers about you as well, so it’s important to keep them happy.

For plumbing or electrical jobs, the customer probably calls you when they’re in a fix, and they’ll have to sit in the house or office and wait for you to get there. The longer they wait, the more upset they’ll get, so you want to arrive as quickly as possible. There are two ways to ensure this: assign someone who’s close by, and make sure they’re not busy at that time.

Use our car tracking system

In many of these businesses, your team uses a company-branded car. Our vehicle asset management system can make it easy to handle the fuelling, repair, and servicing of your company cars so they’re all in top condition. You can also see who’s driving which car, and with our software’s vehicle tracking, you can see their exact location on the map.

Since the CRM system already has the customer’s location and requirements, you can see who’s in the area and has the skills to meet that customer’s needs. You can then open their job calendar and see if they’re available, and at what time. If they already have a nearby job, you can see what time they’ll finish and tell your new customer exactly when they can expect your team to arrive. This makes you look professional and efficient.

Assign jobs remotely

Eworks Manager has a computer-based system and a mobile-based app. So while ordinarily coordinating this whole mission would take multiple phone calls, you can do it all with a mouse and a click. At the office, you can open the calendar and assign the job to your employee of choice. They’ll get an immediate alert on their Eworks Manager mobile phone app, and they can type whether they’re available or not, and at what time.

Of course you’ll already have this information, since your job sheet system has everyone’s tasks for the day or week, but in case there’s any issue, your workers can update it on their mobile app. Maybe their current job is taking longer than expected, or maybe they’re stuck in traffic (though you can see that too, on the vehicle tracker) You can then decide whether to send someone else or simply change the customer’s time slot, all right on your screen.

Instant real-time updates

The beauty of the Eworks Manager system is that it records any changes in real-time. So as soon as you fill out a job sheet, and as soon as your worker says ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the task, you see their response reflected on your screen, and you can make a new plan if you need to. You can also use the inventory system to keep an eye on company stocks.

For industries with specialised hardware, you can follow up the allocation of tools and equipment. This is helpful in case your workers need specific machinery for a job and you want to know who has it at the moment.

To get a taste of how easy your customer and business asset management can be, contact Eworks Manager and book your free trial today.

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