Use Workforce Management Software

HR is one is the most underrated jobs in any firm, and workforce management software helps in more ways than one. Not only does it make work easier for your Human Resources department, but it also clearly lays out their tasks. At a glance, the rest of your team can see just how indispensable HR really is. Software also helps with administration and operations.

In many organisations, these three departments are distinct, and that often leads to clashes. Remote labour management streamlines these departments, and in a smaller firm, it can cut costs by merging them into one, allowing seamless work flow and enhanced efficiency. With this software, you can combine roles without overwhelming your staff.

On a single platform, you can assign jobs, manage projects, monitor time sheets, track vehicles, send invoices, keep an eye on company assets, and run inventory. Since everything is on one screen, it can be supervised by a single individual, or by two or three team members working in shifts. This drastically cuts down your labour cost.

The software is especially useful for regional and global operations. You can align your branches across multiple countries. Regardless of your national language, time zone, or physical location, you can all liaise using this software, synchronising your work and aligning the way your business runs. It’s helpful for temporary workers too.

Try work scheduling software to ease operations

The Eworks workforce management software has two components – mobile and system. The system platform runs off a computer. It is generally based at the office, and can be used to run the entire organisation. The mobile option is an app installed on your employees’ phones. It allows you to track their location, which eases the flow of work.

Employees can use their apps to carry out their duties. They can create mobile invoices and quotes, document their work through photos, and track their business expenses. The latter smoothens receipting and reimbursement, which is one of the largest headaches in any business set-up. They can also check their job sheets to review their daily assignments.

Using this app to manage your workforce can cut down your expenses in terms of gadgetry and electronics. Field workers can operate entirely on their phones, so you may not need field offices or machinery. This eliminates overheads like rent, equipment, and office amenities. You could issue them a per diem instead, for their food and transport.

Some industries resist technology because they feel that on-boarding would be too expensive and time consuming. They might be especially wary with blue-collar positions like warehouse workers, drivers, or delivery staff. Fortunately, the world has changed. Half the world owns a smartphone, and anyone can use a phone app. Ours is particularly intuitive.

Serve your customers better with in-built CRM

How you treat your customers is your biggest selling point, and workforce management software is a key component. It doesn’t matter how good your services or products are if clients are unhappy. They will soon tell their friends and family members not to buy from you. What’s worse, in this social media age, all it takes is one negative comment.

If it goes viral, your business might never recover, and while you can’t always prevent customers from being unsatisfied, you can take care of uncomfortable situations. Customer Relationship Management is the starting point. You can engage customers using phone calls, emails, in-person visits, refunds, and replacements.

A good CRM system helps you keep track of it all. At a glance, you can follow up with a particular customer, checking the history of their complaints, orders, and service requests. Our software can also generate reports. If, for example, a product has received a lot of complaints, you can collate customer feedback regarding the troublesome batch.

You can also create reports on sales, stock volumes, profits, expenses, and much more. These reports help you evaluate the growth and status of your business so that you know where to improve and what changes to make. Our software is easily customisable, so you can adjust business documents and stationery to match your brand.

You can also import customer details in a few simple steps. While our software is web-based, there are options to work offline. Team members using the mobile app can still access their work, even if they don’t have an active internet connection. They can synchronise later. Speak to us for more information about workforce management software for on target projects.

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