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Work Scheduling Software

Time Planner

Our Work Scheduling Software offers a virtual whiteboard called the Time Planner. By using this simple yet effective feature in Eworks Manager, you can have full control over all your jobs and workers out in the field. By using the simple drag and drop method, this planner can also help you organise your jobs.

Drag one of your unassigned jobs displayed in the planner and drop it into an open slot. Once placed there you can then click and hold the edge of the 'job box' to change the time range of the job and click save so the job gets assigned. This is a great way to allocate jobs as you can see right in front of you, what members of staff are available and work around their diaries.

Included in The Time Planner:

  • Create and Schedule New Jobs
  • Colour Coding for Ease of Use
  • Assign Future Jobs When They Are Due
  • Book Time-Off
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly View
  • View Floating Appointments
  • Search All Jobs
  • Immediate and Automatic Updates as they Happen

Additional Scheduling Tools

Geo Planner

With our Geo Planner you can also see the live location of workers out in the field. That way, when a new job comes in your office can quickly see who the closest and next available worker is and assign the job to them. This feature will also make sure you are assigning jobs the most efficient and economical way possible.

Mobile Tracking

Our Mobile Tracking feature lets you plan jobs more efficiently. On the map view of the feature, you can see exactly where your workers are at present. This means that you can assign the closest worker to a new job that comes in. Furthermore, by using the address search field,

Vehicle Tracking

The Eworks Vehicle Tracking feature will let you assign jobs to workers out in the field based on their current and future location. Jobs can be assigned to the closest worker at the time.

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