How to keep your tenants happy and improve customer satisfaction

Property management is a demanding job, especially when you're managing several properties and working to keep all your clients happy. Customer satisfaction is essential, as your customers' demand for your services is what sustains your business. You may not always be motivated to deal with demanding customers, but with Property Management Software, you can easily streamline your business processes to improve customer satisfaction.

Plan preventative maintenance

Poor asset maintenance can lead to unhappy customers, and if you're unable to do property maintenance or repairs, you'll have to explain to your clients why you can't complete tasks on time. When you're offering a service to customers, your equipment must be kept in good working condition, as your clients will expect you to provide the service they're paying for, even when there's an emergency. You can implement an effective preventative maintenance plan with Asset Management Software. Our software allows you to record asset maintenance and schedule recurring maintenance jobs to ensure that maintenance is done regularly.

Manage tasks efficiently

You can improve productivity and offer excellent service to boost customer satisfaction with efficient task management. Our Task Management Software makes it easy to manage your team’s workload with a digital system. You can create and schedule tasks so everyone in your team knows which tasks they need to complete so you can meet your deadlines. When you assign leads to your technicians, they can create and add tasks to their leads to call prospects and schedule viewings. A pop-up alert will remind your team to complete these tasks to ensure that you don’t lose leads. With Task Management Software, you and your team offer an excellent service to improve customer satisfaction.

Manage customer requests with a CRM system

One of the keys to excellent customer satisfaction is dealing with customer requests promptly and efficiently. With our CRM System and Outlook integration, you can log all emails and email customers directly from our system. You can also log all incoming and outgoing calls and add notes to calls if you need to follow up with a customer or log a ticket. Our CRM System integrates with our Property Management Software, making it the perfect solution for property managers who need to record and respond to emails and calls and manage leads, quotes, jobs, invoices, and reports with one platform.

Send invoices on time

Invoicing can be time-consuming, especially if you have many clients. However, when you forget to send invoices or send them late, your clients may become frustrated and decide to cancel your services. When you don't send invoices on time, you'll spend more time responding to calls and emails from clients asking for their accounts. Send invoices on time by automating the process and setting up recurring invoices with Invoice Management Software. These invoices will automatically be created and sent to customers according to your set recurrence pattern. For example, if you create a recurring invoice to be sent on the first day of every new month, our system will automatically send the client your invoice according to this recurrence rule.

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