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Property Management Software

How Can Eworks Manager Help Property Management Companies?
Property management is a very demanding job with a number of responsibilities, such as organising gas, water, and electric bills, making sure the property is fully maintained and sorting rent making sure that it is paid.

Eworks Manager can help both you and your staff organise jobs and quotes making it a much easier task. Using the system you will be able to keep track of all the jobs currently in progress and which ones need attention. All users will also be able to control their own personal planner on the system which you can add meetings, jobs and holidays too so you know exactly how much time you have each day, you can also see other users planners so you know what they have planned throughout the week.

Eworks also has a quoting system which can help when dealing with other maintenance companies for your properties. Creating a quote on the system is easy and quick to do and can be sent to clients via email or the quote can be printed out for it to be sent by post.

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