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Mobile Payments - Use our Mobile App to Log Payments On-Site!

Take Deposits or Full Payments On The Go From The App - All Recorded in The Admin System

The Eworks Manager Mobile App allows your mobile engineers to accept payments and deposits from the field. Mobile Payments speed up the payment process, so your team can start or complete the job as soon as possible.

Save your office team from chasing payments! Your technicians can record payments in the field, and the Mobile App syncs directly to the admin system, which means that the payments can be monitored from the office and payments will never be lost.

Record Payments from Your Mobile Device

Eworks Manager's Mobile App helps you get ahead in the Payment process
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Receive Payments from the App

With our user-friendly Mobile Payment feature, your field operatives won't need to rush back to the office at the end of the day. They can do everything they need on the Eworks App, while on the move! Payments have never been simpler!

View a Full Job History from the App

The system allows you to see the full history of a job and which customer it was for. You can also track which site it was on and which user has logged the payment.

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Mobile Payments FAQs

1Can I capture only partial payments or deposits?
The Eworks Manager Mobile App allows you to capture any payments, no matter the figure. These payment records are set against your customers invoice and will calculate any remaining funds which still need to be paid. You can then send the client an updated invoice with the payment records so they always know how much they still owe you.
2Can I take a payment from a customer using Eworks Manager?
Unfortunately Eworks Manager does not include a payment gateway for you to take payments. We do however have an integration with ClearAccept coming soon. In the meantime you can use our Mobile Payments feature to capture and record your payments you have received from your customers and set them against invoices in much the same way you would with an accounting package.
3Is the Eworks Manager App compatible with my device?
Our App development team have worked hard to ensure that our app is compatible with any devices you may choose to use in your business. Our mobile app is compatible with both iPads and iPhones, as well as with Android devices.
4What can I do with the Eworks Manager Mobile App?

Our Mobile App syncs with our Admin System to keep all office staff updated on the progress of jobs and staff movements throughout the day. The App also allows field workers to capture additional notes within a job and upload any photos or supporting documentation should it be necessary.

Our App offers a very similar experience to the Admin System without all the business reporting and analytics. You can still create, edit and manage quotes, jobs, assets, inventory, purchase orders, invoices and more directly from your mobile device. All these features tied into the app allow field workers to keep updated with their work schedules while being able to capture key information of jobs, or even generate additional revenue through creation of quotes. Our system truly is an all-in-one platform which can take your business to the next level.

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