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Job Management App - A Job Tracking App Built to Manage Your Team in the Field

Allow Your Mobile Workers to Manage Their Jobs - Record and Complete From The Mobile App

Our Job Management System manages all of your business's workload in one system, and our Mobile App manages your team in the field. Plan jobs and set appointments for your mobile users and keep track of all of your jobs and appointments from the system using real-time updates. Eworks Manager's system was designed for field service and trades businesses whose staff are predominantly working in the field.

Managing your team is more accessible and controlled with Eworks Manager. Our system will help you manage your workload, monitor employees and boost productivity. We offer a range of features that improve communications between you and your workers, your customers and suppliers, and even contractors. Our Mobile App is built for mobile workers - a paperless job sheet solution in the palm of your hand.

Power to the Mobile Worker!

Mobile Workers can take control of their jobs from our Mobile App.
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View Your Schedule and Track Job Progress

Create appointments for your employees by viewing their schedules from the system. Mobile workers can accept and change the status of their jobs using the Mobile App. From there, they can use the app to track their job progress and view their scheduled work for the day, week or month.

Get Jobs Approved while On-Site

Mobile workers can get their recently completed jobs approved directly from their mobile device while on-site.

The Signature Approval lets customers sign for the completed job. The Audio Approval method captures up to 10 seconds of audio, whereby the customer can verbally approve the job. Our SMS and Email Approval methods will send the customer a link for them to click on and approve the recent job.

Track Your Mobile Workers' Jobs in Real-Time

The Mobile App and Admin System work hand-in-hand with each other. Every activity that is actioned on the app is continuously updated, whether it be your technicians indicating that they are on-route, adding photos or notes, or when they receive the customer's approval on the job sheet. The system automatically syncs every piece of information between the Admin System and Mobile App in real-time.

View Digital Documents and Attachments on the App

Upload and digitise paper documents and attach them to their relevant jobs. You can then easily access and complete the documents from your mobile or tablet device via our Mobile App. This is a great feature for technicians to be able to pull up their compliance certificates on the app, and fill them in digitally on-site.

The Complete Business System

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Job Management FAQs

1What is a Job System?
Job Management Software manages everything from employees; schedules; customers; quoting and invoicing. Its purpose is to make it easy to ensure that all of the jobs are completed on time and that the customer is satisfied with the work.
2How does Job Management increase my business profitability?

If you want to improve your business’ profitability, time management is a great place to start. With a good job tracking app, you will see a massive improvement in employee productivity.

The system provides accountability for time allocation, which discourages your employees from wasting time on non-work-related tasks. Our system eliminates time spent on paperwork, which is also a huge benefit!

3What are the benefits of using Job Management Software?

In many industries, looking after the jobs and making sure that everything is completed on time can be hard. When you have a lot of field operatives to look after and communicate with, many people struggle to get everything done on time. This can be very problematic as you will always want your business to be running as smoothly as possible.

The good news is that our Job Management System exists, and it can come in very handy for many different kinds of businesses across the industry. There are many benefits of a Management System that many people are taking advantage of and improving their business with these packages.

Read more about the benefits of Job Management Software.

4Who uses Job Systems?

A Job System is one of the most important tools that you can invest in for your business. With Job Management Apps now becoming much more popular, this software is improving and now is the time to get involved.

At Eworks, we offer job scheduling software that can make a real difference to your business. Whether you are a field operative or admin staff, you can benefit from this software in many different ways. Our system is affordable and beneficial to many different kinds of business across the industry.

Some people believe that you need job costing software, Job Sheet Software and Field Service Software but it is entirely possible to have all of these things right here in this one place with Eworks Manager and the right package. Find out a bit more about who uses job management software here.

5Why Eworks Manager's Management Software is so good!

At Eworks Manager, we pride ourselves in offering the best system that is out there right now. We want to make sure that our system has all of the features that you need to manage your jobs effectively and keep your business on track for success.

These features are some of the most popular features and we haven’t held back with giving you what you want from your Job Tracking Software. Find out more about why Eworks Manager is so good.

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