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Paperless Job Management Solution

Paperless Businesses are Operating – At a Profit!

Businesses around the world have created a somewhat domino effect in becoming more environmentally friendly by adopting paperless ethos.  Besides being detrimental to the environment, paper processes can amount to hundreds and thousands in business expenditure per year. Paperless Job Management solutions are being considered as the most economical implementation in a business, as the cost of paper alone could justify the use of a paperless system.

What are the other benefits to using a paperless Job Management solution?

1. Complete Compliance

Regulating compliance is important when there are many elements in a workflow process. Making use of a system that offers an audit trail adds a name to every action taken. Whether it be against a quote, a job done by one of your field workers or purchase order. When staff are aware of organisational transparency it ensures they utilise best practices.

2. Dead-on Data

Paper-based processes do not guarantee that all the necessary information is captured correctly and on time. Implementing a digital system, where mandatory fields can be selected makes sure, at that point in time, all vital information is captured. This saves your employees the time having to retrace and recapture. Using a paperless system also ensures that none of your data goes missing or is damaged and ensures all information is correct and useful.

3. Immediate Information

It is every business owners dream to have all company and customer information at the end of their fingertips. A Paperless Job Management solution offers a platform that is accessible from anywhere, at any time. Business owners need to stay involved and be informed of every aspect of their business. By using a full-featured system, that encapsulates all business information such as what is coming in, going out and what’s to come will ensure you are on top of your game. It's all about having what you need when you need it without having to ask for it.

4. Simply Streamlined

Having a process that works for you may in actual fact be working against you. It gets extremely difficult to manage moving parts, especially when manual processes are used, as we all know people don’t come foolproof. A Paperless Job Management Solution can be used as a guideline for the steps to take. It can also make you aware of what needs to be done and what to do first. It keeps staff informed, organised and keeps your workflow structured.

5. Time-Saving using a Paperless Job Management Solution

Time is often wasted on waiting for paperwork, waiting for approval or waiting for people. A paperless system could eliminate possibly hours waiting for all of the above. Your staff will have access to the information they need as it's completed. Quotes built on-site, job cards, timesheets, customer surveys, you name it! Integrated with a Job Scheduling App means your staff in the field can hand in any job documentation before they even get back to the office.

A Paperless Job Management solution could offer you more than just a clean environment. Eworks Manager’s full-featured and Paperless Job Management solution will allow you to operate not only completely paperless but also with efficiency, speed and structure.

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