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Project Planning Software

With projects potentially lasting from weeks to years, and with competition so high, its vital to keep a track of all the costings of your projects. With Eworks Manager's Project Planning Software we help you manage your project's costs from start to completion. This ensures that you track your profit and margin levels from the beginning.

Our Project Planning Software is furthermore cloud-based. This means your admin staff can easily access the Admin System from the office or on-site. Your field workers can also access the Mobile App which works online and offline. This allows for all work to be completed with no concern of location.

Once you create a project within our system, you can also add all your jobs to different trades. To do this, simply assign the job to the project and, as you add the products to the job, the project costings start to add up. Once a job is complete, you can also invoice it immediately as a project. This allows you to group multiple invoices into one invoice. You can furthermore invoice as you go.

As your projects start to build, you can always take a look at the overview. Our software's overview will give you a breakdown of products used, any purchase orders associated to the project, labour costs occurred during the appointments and any expenses. This allows you to really break down the costings from day one; really keeping a handle on the costings.

With our digital documents, we can also digitise any forms that need to be completed on site. The common form used with our Project Planning Software is a risk assessment form.

Once the job is complete, the digital forms file against the job and project. If you are in an industry that is heavily audited for health and safety all of these forms can be found in our file manager. Hence, there is no need to go search for files and chasing missing paperwork from your field workers.

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