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  • Improve Production
  • Efficient Planning
  • Increase Sales
  • Access Control
  • Manage Leads, Inventory & Assign Jobs
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Enterprise Resource Planning

Are you a maintenance company looking for an all in one ERP software solution to manage your jobs, sales, staff and manage an all-round business? If so, Eworks Manager has the perfect solution for you!

Our ERP Software Offers Many Benefits and Here is Just a Handful:

  • Manage Leads
    Capture and manage all potential business, and easily convert to a quote or customer
  • Manage and Assign Jobs Across the Field
    Assign jobs to your field operatives using the mobile App whilst your admin staff monitors the progress from the office
  • Full Scope View of your Business
    Generate and export reports on various areas of the business
  • Manage Company finances
    View customer invoices, credit notes, expenses etc.
  • Available Accounting Integrations
    Sage, Xero, Quickbooks etc.
  • Manage Staff Accordingly
    Track whilst on the move via our Geo Planner, Vehicle Tracking, Time Planner and Mobile Tracking features
  • Track Company and Customer Assets Manage the distribution, location and organisation of equipment and machinery whether on yours or your customers site
  • Manage Inventory
    Manage stock control, warehouse process, deliveries, collections etc.
  • Improves Work Flow
    An ERP Solution to ensure a step in the process is never missed

Above are just a few benefits our ERP System has to offer to improve overall processes, workflow and productivity. We would love to have chat and discuss why we think our all in one Enterprise Resource Planning software is the best for you and your business. Try it for yourself with your 14-day free trial of the software, or free online demonstration.

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1What Is ERP?
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This type of software is built around business processes, allowing you to manage multiple operations which keeps your business organised in an all in one system. An ERP system comes with several different integrated applications to manage certain aspects of the business. These areas include Sales, Purchasing, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Management and many more.
2How Enterprise Resource Planning Can Help Your Business
ERP Software encourages the use of one system. This reduces the time double capturing, the hassle of monitoring multiple systems and makes sure important documentation or information is not misplaced. The aim for our ERP Solution is to make you feel at ease having all your information in one place, to improve work productivity, grow profit and view your business at a 360° angle.

Customer Logins

Allow your customers to see there quotes - jobs - invoices

Emails in one system

With your emails being synced in your crm system

ERP History

Have a full audit-able history of your communication with customers

Retain Customers

Having knowledge of your customers communications allows you to make informed decisions

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