5 reasons to sign up for Landscaping Software before summer starts

Spring is an exciting time for Landscaping businesses in the UK. The season brings new opportunities for your business as the weather gets warmer, flowers bloom, and gardens come to life. It also means that summer is on its way, one of the busiest seasons for the industry. If you're thinking ahead and looking for ways to prepare for your busy season, Landscaping Software is the ideal tool for you and your team. The software is designed to streamline your day-to-day tasks and simplify staff management.

Now is the perfect time to sign up for our software as you have enough time to train your team to use the system and get ready for your summer projects. There are plenty of reasons to sign up to Eworks Manager, but these are the most compelling reasons, guaranteed to get you thinking about the importance of software for your business.

Schedule jobs before the start of the season

As customers begin booking their spring and summer appointments, you can start scheduling Jobs with Landscaping Software. With our Time Planner, you can drag and schedule an unassigned Job to a specific timeslot and technician. The planner displays all the available and unavailable timeslots to prevent overbooking. If you have regular customers that have signed up for maintenance services, you can create and schedule Recurring Jobs. Once you’ve decided how often the Job needs to be completed, and our system will use this information to generate the appointment automatically.

Complete asset maintenance ahead of time

Vehicles, equipment, and machinery are all essential for your Landscaping business, so your assets always need to be kept in working condition. With Landscaping Software, you can schedule asset maintenance tasks to prevent premature equipment failure. If your assets need to be maintained regularly, you can create Recurring Jobs. With a Recurring Job, you can decide how often the task needs to be completed, and our system will automatically generate the Job Sheet for you. Once an asset maintenance job has been completed, you can attach compliance certificates and photographs to the asset to confirm that maintenance has been done with our Asset Management Software.

Reduce fuel consumption with Route Planning

Reducing fuel consumption is a challenge for any business with technicians travelling to and from job sites. Even when fuel prices aren't rising, finding ways to reduce fuel costs will always be advantageous. You can use our Landscaping Software and our Route Planning tool to find the most economical routes available to reduce your business's fuel costs. Our Route Optimisation feature makes Route Planning even more efficient, saving you time by automatically scheduling unassigned jobs to your technicians and choosing the most economical appointment available, so you don't have to schedule tasks manually.

Streamline Quoting and Invoicing to save time

Quoting and Invoicing can be time-consuming and prevent you from focusing on work that requires your attention, but our Landscaping Software can simplify both processes. Our Online Quoting Software can be used to create and send Custom Quotes from our Admin System or our Mobile App. When a Quote has been accepted, you can convert it into a Job Sheet to ensure all the customer's information is included without capturing their details again. When it’s time to Invoice your client, use Invoice Management Software to convert the Job Sheet into an Invoice. You can also automate invoicing for reoccurring tasks by creating Recurring Invoices.

Manage your business operations with our Mobile App

With our Mobile App, you can access our Landscaping Software and manage all your business operations from your Mobile Device. You can schedule Jobs, access Job Sheets, create and send Quotes and Invoices, manage assets and inventory, and monitor your workers, keeping an eye on their location when they're on-site or travelling to clients. Our App works offline, so you can access our software even when you don't have internet access. If you upload documents or photographs to the system in offline mode, the data will sync to the system as soon as you have internet access again.

These are some of the tops reasons to sign up for our Landscaping Software, but if you'd like to learn more about our all-in-one system, get in touch with our team today. To experience everything Eworks Manager offers, start your 14-day free trial now.

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