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Eworks Manager works suitably with the gardening industry, letting you schedule Recurring Jobs for those clients you visit once every two weeks, once a month or even once a year, you’re in control! Scheduling recurring jobs is a great way to plan garden maintenance work as this will automatically be created in the Eworks system for an admin staff member to assign to one of the mobile users, saving time having to create a job every time the job needs to be completed.

Gardeners can capture photo's, recommendations and send through notes for the office staff to view which will give you more time to fix any issues that arise while completing that job and if anything has been missed, so nothing slips through the net. If you are on site completing the job from the Mobile App, you can complete the job and send the invoice to your client there and then which means you don't have to have access to a computer to send off the invoice, which is handy if you’re always on the move!

Your clients can log onto the Eworks system through the customer login portal and request jobs from you which you will then be notified through the admin system. This is appealing to your client as it saves them the time phoning in to request a quote or a job, and because it is paperless it means that quotes or requests simply can't go missing or forgotten about and everything is kept within one system!

If you have any documents that need to be added to Eworks Manager, we can digitise these for you which can be sent as an attachment to your client if need be, this saves you time photocopying and scanning important documents.

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