Online Quoting System

Manage and Produce Quotes in Our System Within Minutes - Set Alerts so You Always Chase Up That Sale

Online Quoting System

Eworks Managers online quoting system is the ideal sales and Estimation Software for generating and managing quotations. Flexible and user-friendly, it allows you to create quotes, easily convert leads to quotes and manage your sales the right way, all within one system.

Here is an insight into what our quoting system can do;
  • Create quotes
  • Create group quotes for sales teams
  • Store all your quotes for future use and duplicating
  • Email / Print your quotes direct to your customers
  • Customise your Quote for your company brand and structure
  • Export all your quotes from the system
  • Online quoting any time anywhere
  • Convert a quote into a job or an invoice
  • View the status of your quotes for future sales and conversion results
  • Comprehensive management reports available
For example, find out how many quotes a salesperson has done in a month and how many of them converted into jobs, with full profit statistics available. We have a range of other reports available on our system.

Our quoting system is great for small, medium and large companies as you can manage potential customers, quotes and jobs converted from quotes. You can keep track of what sales appointments went through and which fell as Eworks stores everything no matter the quote status!

If you would like to find out more about our online quoting system then please book in an online demonstration where we can show you in depth exactly how it works or if you haven’t already, sign up today with our 14-Day Free Trial!


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Import all your leads into one system - Distribute to your sales team.

Sales Reports

Import all your leads into one system - Distribute to your sales team.

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