Stay Connected with ERP Software

In the business world, it has become exceptionally important to be connected to your staff, your customers and your suppliers. It has however become increasingly demanding and difficult to manage to do so without ERP Software. Every business should have happy staff, great customer retention and loyalty to suppliers in order to score good deals. With so many balls to juggle, managing all the above manually, and sometimes separately, will only risk one of them falling. It, therefore, makes sense to say the greater the responsibility the more resources needed – or does it?


Firstly, what exactly is ERP Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning software will let you capture, manage, track and monitor most of a business’s functions and aspects. From HR to managing your purchases and customer relations. It’s a system fully functional on its own. It allows for a more structured, streamlined and user-friendly experience.


Connecting with:


Connectivity between staff – in-house and in the field – is an important role in making sure all staff are informed and working at 100% productivity. An ERP System will manage staff and their jobs. This means that every bit of information relating to them is tracked and stored for future use. A system that tracks each job, time against each job, off-days and even documents or equipment given to your worker will ensure that when needed, all information is easily and efficiently accessible. It also allows you to minimise the use of applications that keep your field staff and office staff connected. And last but not least, an ERP software system compatible with a mobile device will work as a time-saving mechanism. When your field worker logs a request, the office is notified straight away.


Satisfied customers are one of the main success factors of any business. They are the wheel that keeps the business turning. To keep customers happy, it is essential that staff, in-house or out in the field have access to their information. Whether that be contact information, previous and upcoming jobs, payments, address details, etc. This elevates any issues that could arise during your dealing with a customer. An ERP system that has a customer login portal will let you maintain the connection between you and your customer. A customer login portal will allow your customers to gain access to their own system and let them create and monitor work orders. This means that even when you aren’t communicating directly with your customer there is still a continuous and immediate connection.


Maintaining a good relationship with your suppliers come with many perks. By being loyal to your suppliers you become a priority to them. This means quality goods at a competitive rate, timeliness of deliveries and additional finance opportunities. Using an ERP System to manage supplier information, a full history of correspondence and payments will keep you at the top of their customer list. With the click of a button, you have access to everything supplier related. Access supplier statements without having to contact them, a full history of emails sent by every staff member and the list goes on.

Eworks Manager’s ERP Software

Eworks has designed and built and fully equipped Enterprise Resource Planning software solution. An all in one system to help you gain control of every nook and cranny of your business. Our ERP software will make sure you are not compromising when it comes to managing your potential customers, quotes, jobs, invoices, purchases, reports, timesheets and so much more.

If you feel you are missing out why not schedule a quick personalised demonstration of our ERP System. Register for a 14-day free trial to try it for yourself.

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