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Work Order Tracking Software - Real-time work order tracking for immediate response

An Advanced Work Order Tracking System Designed to Help You Manage and Streamline Your Entire Business from Start to End.

We have a live panel on the Admin System that most of our clients have on a TV or PC in the office. This panel enables you to see when appointments overrun, staff don't have access or haven't started yet. You can make quick work of administrative tasks using this feature. When it comes to booking work orders, you can easily do so with our scheduling feature. The live panel also allows you to react to the jobs that have issues instantly.

Knowing where your team is and what they are working on is an essential managerial skill. This is especially true when your team are working out in the field. Fortunately, with Eworks Manager, this is built-in! Our Work Order Tracking Software reduces the time you spend checking up on your mobile workforce. You can easily monitor your field workers in real-time and track the progress of all jobs and completed by your team!

Making Job Management Simple

Manage Work-Related Information with a Job Management System.
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Real-Time Updates with our Live Panel

When appointments are completed, put on hold or passed back to the office, the Live Panel in our Admin System assists your office staff with making faster and more efficient responses to any issues. The live panel displays a real-time feed of the progress your team have made with their work. This ensures that the nominated admin staff can authorise the appointment and send it for invoicing. This way, no work is forgotten or misplaced while waiting for your team to bring the work orders back to the office.

Create Electronic Checklists with our Questionnaires Function

You can build a questionnaire for your clients to fill out on completion of a work order. This ensures that you receive any necessary feedback you may need. You can also create questionnaires for your workers to fill out when arriving on-site or during an appointment. This allows mobile operatives to complete checklists or certificates from the Mobile App while on-site. Workers can also be advised to fill out a safety questionnaire when on-site, ensuring all health and safety habits are followed at all times.

Receive Job Approval before leaving the site

Field workers can get approval from the client on their completed jobs directly from their mobile while on-site. We offer various ways in which workers can gain approval from the customer. Our Signature method allows customers to sign for the completed appointment. The Audio process captures up to 10 seconds of audio, whereby the customer can approve the work. Our SMS and Email methods will send the client a link for them to click on and accept the job.

Authorise Jobs & Invoice Instantly

Jobs can be authorised and invoiced from the Mobile App or the Admin System. This ensures invoices are never missed, and clients are billed as soon as a job is completed. You can also maintain your overdue invoices and set payment terms for each client.

The comprehensive reporting section produces a breakdown of all invoices and the state of each. With this information, you can view all your paid up invoices and see what is still outstanding.

The Complete Business System

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Work Order Tracking FAQs

1What is a Work Order Time Tracking System?
Our Advanced Work Order Tracking System helps manage everything from customers to schedules to employees and invoicing, ensuring all jobs are completed within deadline and that the customer is satisfied with the work. You can view the status of every appointment in real-time as it progresses from inception to completion.
2What is the purpose of Work Order Time Tracking?
Work Order Tracking allows you to allocate resources more efficiently and see your work order progress. This is a great way of monitoring mobile workers' appointments, especially when they work in the field or travel a lot.
3How can I track my staff's working hours and pay?
Eworks Manager is perfect for businesses looking for a precise Work Order Tracking App. If your workers have a busy diary and don't have time to capture manual entries, you should think about using our Advanced Work Order Tracking System. The software can track time spent travelling to site, on-site, expenses and personal days.

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