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Workforce Planning Software: Connect With Your Employees

Workforce Planning Software (WPS) is a tool dedicated to a company’s HR department. It helps find the perfect balance for your business by cutting the HR budget and increasing its efficiency. Workforce Planning Software does this by reducing the department’s operating costs while adding capabilities and functionalities. This process helps companies progress in five key areas:

Better employee morale

WPS automates two of the most work-intensive processes: payroll and attendance management. It automatically captures and stores information about employees' work records, and calculates their payroll based on that information. With a manual system, delays may occur, which can lead to lower morale for the workforce. Another major reason for demoralised staff is a delay in payment. Demoralisation leads to higher attrition, lower efficiency, unionisation and other hostile actions against the company. With Workforce Planning Software, these two crucial processes are handled automatically, reducing one of the biggest morale drains in your company.

Lower costs

Large businesses spend a huge part of their budget on an army of HR employees who calculate payrolls and give out checks to workers. In fact, the HR department can range from a few dozen to a few hundred employees. With Workforce Management Software, all of these workers can be reassigned to much more productive tasks. The chunk of the budget that is also invested in the HR department can be used to pay for a better software solution. It’s undeniable that payroll is an essential function of the business. But on its own, it does not achieve any profits. Labour Planning Software absorbs almost all of the responsibilities related to payroll management for a much lower upfront investment.

Better data analysis

The gathering, organisation, and analysis of data can be a game-changer. Having access to the numbers that drive your business allows your managers to make better and more profitable decisions. Without these numbers and the ability to access them easily, your managers may often make unguided decisions. Workforce Planning Software provides all of the tools needed to manage the workforce of a business in the most effective manner.

Better compliance

Another labour-intensive activity of an HR department involves all the maintenance and provision of records and documents using our File Management System. Documents must also be provided to unions, company policymakers and individuals with employment contracts. While the manual processing of all these documents can consume a lot of time, a Workforce Management Software can handle all of it automatically and almost instantly. Compliance is a particularly important area of any service-based business because even a small mistake can lead to huge costs in fines. It can also damage your brand and turn into a PR nightmare if the mistake is large enough. Work planning software reduces this risk. You can rest assured in the knowledge that your company is fully compliant with all of the legal requirements.

Higher customer satisfaction using Workforce Planning Software

It might seem odd that workforce planning software would have an effect on customer satisfaction. But, thanks to the customer service performance and overall performance review features, you can train and guide your staff members in order to improve the customer experience. Managers will have objectives, measurable data sets to study and reviews in order to understand just how well the company manages to connect with its customers.

Overall, implementing workforce planning software helps you understand and interact with your employees better. The HR department is essential to a business, and cutting costs while improving its performance can definitely have an impact on your bottom line. Workforce planning is just one of the many features that are a part of our Eworks Manager package. Contact us today, if you would like to know more.

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