Lead Management Software That Makes Managing Leads and Enquiries Easy

Leads are the lifeblood of a business, and anything that can help you generate more leads makes for a wise investment. With Eworks Manager, the lead generation process becomes streamlined and effective. Our software will help you generate leads better, and distribute lead information to the sales staff easier.

What is lead management?

A growing business will soon run into a problem as they start receiving more leads and inquiries than they can handle. It’s a good problem to have, but if the company fails to manage all of their leads properly, they will start to lose a portion of them. This is where lead management comes in.

In the past, this process was done on paper. All information was recorded in written form, and the problems started to pop up as the number of leads grew. Companies would run into issues when sorting through and organizing all these contacts. Updating information was also a pain, especially when it came to updating information for more than a few leads.

Lead management software solves all these problems. By digitally storing all lead information, lead management software allows the sales team of your business to work much faster and be much more efficient with their time and energy. Once all information is stored centrally in the Eworks Manager, your sales staff will be able to easily access and update lead information.

An integrated marketing solution

With a software solution like Eworks Manager, you get a marketing component to boost your sales effort. The integrated management system allows you to organize all your important company data such as contacts, leads, customers and suppliers, and then grant access privileges to your staff. Having all of this information stored into one place can allow your company to communicate and organize much more effectively.

Eworks Manager is also integrated with MailChimp, which is a leading marketing tool that allows you to promote your business through email campaigns. Email marketing is a great way to generate and convert leads. MailChimp also has an e-commerce component, where you can track all the visitors and their order information. This data will allow you to create promotions and craft your marketing strategy according to powerful analytics.

The role of customer data in sales

Customer data is one of the most important assets in a marketing campaign. When trying to sell a product, the company must understand what makes a customer tick. Customer personas are routinely employed in marketing, in order to tailor products and services that attract the most customer attention.

Lead behavior is also an important metric. With a solution such as Eworks Manager, you can track customer information by using our CRM feature. This feature helps you track and manage all customer data, information, complaints, history, interactions and a host of other data. With this information at hand, your sales team is much better equipped when dealing with a lead. The CRM feature basically allows your sales staff to reverse engineer the sales process and understand what turns a lead into a customer.

Closing the deal

When a lead is ready to convert, you can rely on Eworks Manager’s quoting system, which allows you to generate and manage quotations. You will be able to store quotes for future use, duplicate them, customize them, and email/print them. This system also allows you to create management reports in order to see how well individual salespeople convert leads into quotes. These reports are great for understanding how well your sales process works overall, and which team members need more training in order to meet sales goals.

With a fully integrated software solution like Eworks Manager, your entire sales/marketing process can be automated and digitalized. By doing so, you will take full advantage of the power of your PCs and mobile devices in way that ultimately cuts costs and increases revenues. As you integrate your business processes into the Eworks Manager, your business will turn into a well-oiled, high performance machine.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can either call us today, participate in an online demonstration, or sign up for our free 14-day trial. There are many other features that have not been covered in this article, and which are not related to the sales/marketing process, all of which could be of great benefit for your business. If you want to fully automate your business and greatly improve your operations, try Eworks Manager today.

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