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How Are Manual Job Sheets Damaging Your Business?

The process of tracking work hours and stock output has always been a complicated task. Over the years, various solutions have been designed for handling these aspects in a less manually intensive way. But, albeit that they have made some progress, these solutions are still not good enough to supply accurate management reporting.

Businesses have now slowly begun integrating software with modern clocking terminals and tracking systems to more accurately track employee attendance and stock levels.

Even the smallest of businesses need to implement some form of inventory control system to keep an accurate merchandise count. The choices are often between using a computerised system and a manual inventory system.

Manual inventory systems are usually labour-intensive. They require continuous monitoring to ensure that every transaction is accounted for. As well as this, every product needs to be manually maintained at the appropriate stocking levels. It is also more difficult to share inventory information throughout the business: the lack of computerisation makes accessing inventory records a difficult process. The time your staff spend on manually monitoring inventory levels can rather be used on more productive activities within the business.

Eworks Manager's job management software makes managing and profiting from job sheet easier. Job costing and control are all built in, and the system also allows you to measure hours booked and hours worked. You can furthermore add stock items at any time during the job. The database holds all your Job sheets within the system for as long as it used. You can hence refer to them at any time.

The primary disadvantages of using manual job cards

  • The potential for human error – When you rely on manually entering information onto job sheets, there is always the potential for human error. Employees may inaccurately enter their time. That, or the information may be entered incorrectly into your accounting software for payroll. These errors are common in a workplace when using manual time attendance solutions & job sheets.
  • Employee Time Theft – Manual timesheets and punch cards do not prevent time theft or buddy punching. With manual time tracking, an employee could use another employee's punch card to clock them in for their shift. With our job management software, you can avoid this issue.
  • Manual Job Card Tracking – Handling manual job sheets often takes up a lot of time. Various people and departments become responsible for having to track the movement of job sheets. With our job management software, your staff can better spend this time elsewhere.
  • Inefficient – Out-dated manual job sheets are very inefficient when compared to automated job sheets within a software system. When using a job management system, productivity is a guarantee.
With the progress in technology and that of job management software, efficiency and profitability within a business can greatly improve. For this reason and many more, manual job sheets are now thing of the past and job management software is a thing of the future.