Let Quoting Software Help Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity

The efficiency of your team of employees could be greatly affected by little delays in various processes. Getting a quoting system that works could be the answer to increasing the productivity of your team. The beauty of a good quoting system is that they work for small, medium, and large companies. They are useful for managing potential customers, tracking sales appointments, and finding out which quotes were converted and which fell through.

A good quoting system should be flexible and user-friendly. It should ease the transition from leads to quotes.

Quote management

Quotes can be tricky to manage, especially if your sales team is made up of more than 3 people. The larger the sales team, the more the number of quotes that are generated. Quoting software can help you easily trace and streamline your records. You can also print and email your quotes quicker, both within the office and for customers’ usage.

Your employees can create group or individual quotes, depending on their requirements. Since this is an online system, quotes can be generated from anywhere and at any time. A quoting system also lets you store all your quotes in a centralised place, making them easy to retrieve. Quoting software can be customised for your company, including the brand and the structure, to make it easier for your employees to operate.

Track changes

With quoting software your staff is able to track any changes that might occur to any quotes, in real time. They are able to see which quotes have generated feasible business leads and which ones have fallen through. You can also see which ones translated into appointments and which quotes turned into actual sales. This helps your team find a winning formula based on the data gathered through the quoting software. This is especially important since all quotes are stored, regardless of the quote status, meaning you can spot quote patterns and structure your business accordingly.

Create reports

Reporting is an important feature when it comes to tracking productivity and finding weak points. With a quoting system, you are able to easily generate both status and sales reports. These reports will have impressive amounts of data points, since the system records all quotes. You are therefore able to compare the success rates of your quotes and get a clear report of the status of your sales team. You can then know what needs to be changed, what works, and what needs to be strengthened.

Easy distribution

Quoting software helps with the distribution and of quotes from customers to different members of your sales team. With a large sales force, you are able to comfortably assign your work to different people depending on their strengths. You are also able to gauge your sales team’s interaction with customers. This helps you weed out the non-performers, and streamline your sales force for the next level of quality.

Customer satisfaction

With online quoting software, you are able to interface with your customers a lot easier. The quotes are generated immediately and with a lot more accuracy. You are able to extend discounts much faster in a manner that will satisfy even the hardest bargain hunters. You are also able to effectively avoid sales losses that come from undecided customers.

Since your sales force spends less time on administrative tasks and correcting errors, they are able to give feedback to customers much faster. Quoting software can even be automated to give out push notifications which show customer feedback and track quote statuses. Through back-end channels in your software, it becomes easier to immediately give the customer first-hand information. This in turn avoids a lot of mixed signals.

Businesses that still rely on manually entering prospect information into several carrier sites risk losing potential clients this way. It creates different quotes on several different files meaning you risk losing out on additional carriers.  Quoting software keeps this from being a concern. Instead of force feeding plans and options to your potential clients, you let the prospect make the choice that most suits them. This also keeps you from coming off as a pushy upseller.

The benefits of quoting software to the efficiency of your sales team are clear to see. And  you could always begin with a free trial to get yourself oriented as you experience these benefits for yourself. Get in touch with Eworks to start your trial today.

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