Automate Jobs and Reduce Admin duties with Job Management Software

If you want to grow your business, then you need to satisfy your customers. To satisfy your customers, you need a management tool that can help you get their work done faster and with less hassle, and one such tool is a Job Management System.

You can reduce manual paperwork, streamline work orders, improve task scheduling, and track your workers easily with Management System.

How Can Eworks Manager’s Job Management System Modernise Your Business for Better Results?

Smart and Efficient Job Scheduling

Eworks Manager lets you plan job schedules with ease. With the help of our Management Software, you can easily track how many jobs are completed or delayed. You can also find out the reasons behind the delay to resolve the issues and complete the jobs on time. Mostly delay is caused because your workers require additional parts for a job. Your workers do not have to waste their time by coming to the office for the additional parts, as our system sends an automatic notification to your admin staff to order the additional parts.

Manage your Inventory with Ease

Eworks Manager’s Inventory Management System lets you track and manage your inventory. After a job has been assigned to your worker, your admin staff can check whether the worker has all the materials necessary for the job in his van or not. If not, then your admin team can notify the worker to collect the required materials from your warehouse. Your workers can also create orders via their mobile phones so that they can replenish their van stock quickly without having to wait for the admin staff’s approval.

Track and Monitor your Fleet

Fleet Tracking Software helps you to monitor your mobile worker’s movements via the playback feature. You can easily track where your mobile workers are and how much time they are giving to their jobs. If your customer has an issue and you are being blamed for it, then you can use our playback feature to provide evidence to support your argument and to clarify yourself.

Minimise Fuel and Travel Costs

Eworks Manager’s Route Planning Software lets you reduce travel and fuel costs by allowing you to plan the most economical routes for your mobile workers. Our software helps you to plan the most economical and fastest routes so that your workers can reach the job site quickly without wasting time and fuel.

Efficient Time Management

If you want to improve the efficiency of your business, then you need to manage your time efficiently. Eworks Manager’s Job Management System makes time management an easy task for you. Our system allows you to set up specific jobs and then attach default completion times to them so that you can assign jobs to your workers smartly. Our time planner displays all the jobs scheduled for the day, week or month so that you can easily assign jobs to your workers, avoiding any duplications or double bookings.

Track your Field Workers and Jobs

Our vehicle tracking software provides you with a live map that you can use to locate your workers in real-time. By viewing the live locations of your workers, you can assign a new job to the worker who is nearest to the job site.

You can easily track the progress of your tasks with the help of our Job Management System. Our live panel displays the live progress of your jobs so that when your customer calls, you can tell them where your mobile workers are, the status of the jobs, and any other information regarding the progress of the jobs. Your admin staff is notified whenever jobs are completed, put on hold, or handed back to the office, helping them give quick and accurate responses.

Keep Track of Purchase Order Information

Eworks Manager lets you track purchase order information via the mobile inventory app. Our inventory management system makes sure that you get all the stock that you ordered by allowing you to capture deliveries and invoices directly via your device.

Disable Tracking after Office Hours

Our job tracking software lets you track the working hours of your workers accurately by allowing you to turn off tracking after office hours. If tracking continues even after working hours, then this can disturb the privacy of your workers, so to give them the freedom that they need, you can disable tracking when they are off duty.

Assign Jobs Smartly

Our Smart planning feature helps you to assign jobs to your workers smartly by allowing you to assign jobs to the workers on the basis of their skills. Our system makes sure that the right worker is being assigned the right job.

Track your Stock Efficiently

With the help of our inventory management system, you can transfer stock from one location to another depending on the requirements of a particular location. When a worker who has been assigned a job does not have the required stock in his van, then your admin staff can immediately create picking lists to move stock from one location to another, and after that, the worker can collect the required stock.

Improve the Efficiency of your Business with our Mobile App

You can track your mobile workforce in real-time via our mobile app. With the help of our mobile app, you are notified when your workers are on route, when they add photos or notes, or when they get the customer’s approval. We also have a range of features on our Job Scheduling App.

Monitor the Performance of your Drivers

Eworks Manager’s Fleet Tracking Software lets you track your drivers by generating driving behaviour reports. These reports include mileage, journey details, driver speeding reports, user and job reports. These reports help you to monitor the performance of your drivers, helping you improve the efficiency of your business.

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