How Dashcam Software Can Prevent Unnecessary Expenditure

During times of bad weather conditions, it is vital for all business owners to take the imperative precautionary measures to ensure their assets are safeguarded from harm’s way. Often, this means closing your shop doors, but for some, this is out of the question as it is when your customers need you most. To maintain a fully functioning workflow during these times, it is wise to find alternative solutions, one being Dashcam Software.

The most important aspect of a technical service business is the need to travel to your customers and this means your company vehicles are in the firing line. Out in the field, anything is possible when the weather is not on your side, and this leaves you with damaged assets, unexpected costs and insurance claims that could take months to resolve.

Three benefits come to mind when asking yourself why you should consider using Dashcam Software;

  • Instant HD incident review
  • False driving allegation protection
  • Encouraging safe driving amongst your employees.

Instant HD Incident Review

When it comes to damages incurred through natural causes, even though it might be a nationwide phenomenon, you will still need to prove it was such. It also becomes time-consuming and costly to prove it was out of your control, whether it was a lamp pole that happened to fall over due to strong winds and hit your vehicle or damage due to hail, having clear, HD and immediate proof of the incident will save you the increase in premiums or the time having spent locating CCTV footage from a nearby location. This can also clear up any distrust that might have been built with your employees using company vehicles.

False Driving Allegation Protection

Bad weather conditions can make people forget how to drive, and that is no joke. When facing a false driving allegation, bad weather and a tight working schedule, the last thing you want to do is prove your innocence. Dashcam Software provides the solution to this.

Encourage Safe Driving

Employees that are aware of being monitored will always be more cautious. Employees think that because they are using a vehicle that they are not liable for, they can use and abuse it during times they know are not safe. Speeding on slippery roads, overtaking on blind rises, amongst other things, are what employees take advantage of, but with Dashcam Software your workers are aware that their actions are being recorded. You can monitor their driving style and reprimand them for any shortcuts they take.

Eworks Manager’s Dashcam Software tied in with a full-featured Job Management Software and Vehicle Tracking Software can assist with the visibility you ought to have over your company vehicles.

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