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What Companies Are Doing To Survive the Lockdown Period

It’s no secret that the world as we know it has had to change their ways during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Businesses are under a huge amount of stress, with no way of knowing if they are going to survive economic collapse which will follow. There is also a lot of pressure on the service industry to deliver essential services at this time as they support hospitals and grocery stores that still need to operate optimally, so that everyone can still cope and survive the lockdown period.

Many countries around the world have chosen to go into lockdown, but necessary service industries as mentioned above, need to remain in operation. During the lockdown period, employees have been working from home and maybe experiencing anxiety fuelled by a lack of supervision and direction, keeping productive, staying connected and juggling family and work responsibilities.

Home Offices

We want to encourage those who own trades and service businesses to make use of this time and research ways to run your business from home, limiting human interaction and passing on documents to one another. This is an ideal time to plan and improve business processes and perhaps opt for a digital system that will help your business go paperless.

A home office can be quite simple to set up, all you will need is a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection.

We are fortunate to be living in a digital age where we have the option to communicate via our devices. We need to use the opportunity to work digitally and find ways to keep business productive and connected. Of course, at this point in time, the world is unsure of when and if the pandemic will pass or if we will find ourselves in this situation again in coming years, and so it would be wise to look at new ways to conduct business moving forward.

Stay connected with your team during the lockdown

While everyone is working from home, businesses should consider doing online training with their teams to upskill their staff, keeping each other stimulated and motivated during this time. Another idea is to incorporate Cloud Collaborations software, which allows your team to work together online, whether it’s via a mobile app or PC.

Using cloud software will allow anybody working in the field, operating as an essential service, to be able to complete his work in the field, and remove any paperwork or double capturing. Thus, reducing infection risk between the staff in the field and the admin staff.

Survive the Lockdown Period and Ensure the Health and Safety of your Business

This is possibly not the last time that a pandemic can occur across the world, and so by addressing the way you conduct business and implementing the correct procedures, you can keep your employees healthy and safe. Human contact should be avoided as much as possible during a pandemic like Covid-19, and so we need to be mindful of one another by reducing risks and practising safe business ethics.

Eworks Manager's Job Management System offers a range of features that can help your service business work safely. These features include, our Field Service Questionnaire feature, automated Time Tracking software, and we can digitise any of your important mobile documents. Let us use our human ingenuity and survive the lockdown period, to advance businesses using digital technology and software.

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