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Mobile Documents - Use a Completely Paperless System and Have All Your Digital Documents On-hand

Digitise Your Required Mobile Documents To Use In The Field.

When going digital, a major concern is how business owners are going to use their mandatory on-site documents. With Eworks Manager, this process is easy. Upload and digitise paper documents and attach them to their relevant jobs. You can then easily access and complete the documents from your mobile or tablet device via our Mobile App.

Our document creator is easy to use and puts you in control of how you would like your documents to be filled out by your mobile users. Whether you want to create a text box, a dropdown selection or have the data already filled in, you can easily do so with Eworks Manager's mobile document feature. You can digitise documents that include things like risk assessment data, safety and compliance certificates; questionnaires surveys; reviews and much more. Eworks Manager's mobile document creator can easily automate your required forms and eliminate paperwork.

Go paperless with Mobile Documents

Your Team will have access to all their documents on the Mobile App.
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Introducing Mobile Documents

Our user-friendly mobile view makes filling out your on-site documents has never been easier. With this feature, you will be able to track and report on all your documents digitally, preventing the loss of important files! Everything is also automatically stored within the system – making it easy to print and email all from one place.

Our team at Eworks Manager can assist you on how to use the document maker. We can help you become a pro at managing and uploading your own documents within the system. We also have help videos to help you every step of the way.

Create Mobile Field Service Questionnaires To Ensure Your Team Follow Guidelines

Create Field Service Questionnaires for your team to fill in on-site, or for customer feedback. The questionnaire feature helps to ensure that every employee follows Health and Safety regulations daily.

For example, the questionnaire could ask mobile workers if they are wearing safety wear when they arrive on-site. The questionnaire feature is excellent for gathering additional information from each job, employee or customer.

Work Offline on the Mobile App

Our system lets you work in offline mode and saves your work locally on your device. When your field workers regain an internet connection, the mobile app will automatically sync to the admin system. This way, you will never lose any information or work filled out on the app.

Your mobile documents attached to each job will also be stored locally on your device so that you can continue working as usual, until you are back online. The ability to work offline also helps those field workers who may be working in remote locations, or in the case that they have run out of mobile data on their devices.

View All of Your Digital Forms in Document History

Eworks Manager stores all of your digital documents on the system. As they accumulate in your system, you will always have access to them through the File Manager. Each document, certificate or form will show it's job reference number, the customer details of that job and the status of the document (completed or incomplete).

The Complete Business System

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Mobile Documents FAQs

1Can Eworks Manager create digitise my existing documents?

Yes, our fantastic support staff will happily digitise your required documents for you on request. As mentioned above, our support team will also train you to create your own documents on the system.

2Can I access my Eworks Manager mobile documents on any device?

Yes you can, you can access the documents on the admin system, or the mobile app. Our mobile app works on almost any device. Your mobile documents are attached to your jobs, and can be retrieved from anywhere, at any time.

3Can I control who has access to my files?

Yes, absolutely. Our Job Management System stores all of your important files on the Admin system. You can set restrictions to who has access to certain confidential information and attach field service mobile documents to your team's jobs.

4What certificates, forms or reports does Eworks Manager currently have available?
We currently have various documents available and are constantly expanding our template database. Below are just a few that we currently have:

  • EICR Certificate
  • Gas Safe Certificate (CP12)
  • Oil Firing Servicing & COmmissioning Report (CD11)

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