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7 Benefits of Job Management Software

Eworks Manager is designed specifically for the technical services industry. It uses the best practices to get the job done, while still allowing for all the generic features of Job Management Software. Our system allows you to create quotes and then plan and manage jobs which you can then automatically convert to invoices. Our system also allows you to store all your work in one convenient place. Lost paperwork is now a thing of the past, and backups are also taken care of.

Creating jobs and then managing these jobs can be a tedious process for business owners and managers that run a field service company. It’s not just the scheduling, dispatching, or managing of employees and projects; it’s also a combination of all these issues that make job management such a time-consuming task – one fraught with problems and human error.

Fortunately, great Job management software allows businesses to take control of their projects and field staff using project scheduling software. In turn, this makes the business more streamlined and cost-effective. Most importantly the software can help maximise profits and save you time so that other parts of your business can get more attention.

The 7 Benefits of Job Management Software

1. Instant Quoting Ability

Our online quoting system has quote templates that enable businesses to send professionally designed, custom quotes within minutes.

2. Streamline Invoicing

Invoices include labour charge, as well as parts and units charged. Our Invoice Management Software allows your business to save time and improve cash flow with paperless, bulk invoicing.

3. Flexible time & position tracking

Work Order Tracking Software tracks your user's time spent getting to their jobs. You can also track the time they spend working on various jobs. This requires minimum effort from you or your staff.

4. Actionable Reporting

With all data being in one place, businesses can now see various standard performance reports at a glance.

5. Powerful Job Management

Job Management Software gives businesses a chance to use smart tools to easily assign jobs, track timelines, and receives notifications when projects are running late.

6. Scheduling Ability

With our Staff Scheduling software, you can assign jobs and field workers with an easy calendar-based interface.

7. Mobile Application

Our Job Scheduling App allows you and your staff to do everything seamlessly and puts control into your hands.
Choosing the right software for your business is important. As technology advances, most businesses should consider adapting to these changes and trial run job management systems. This ensures that they remain competitive while improving efficiency. The choices can be overwhelming, and change can be uncomfortable. With this in mind, ensure that the provider of the job management software is reliable, offers local support and preferably has off-site storage of your data.

Now that you have seen the benefits of Job Management Software, you can solve a lot of business headaches, and it can also make the working environment so much easier. Here, at Eworks Manager, we can offer you this and so much more.

For more information, contact us today. Also feel free to start your 14-day free trial and see what makes Eworks Manager an award-winning software system.

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