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Get the Job Done With the Right Tools!

Human beings have been using tools since the Stone Age, and as society progresses so do these tools. But just because you have tools, doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right ones.

This sentiment applies across the board, especially for any business-based tools.

Business is constantly evolving

If you talk to most business owners within the service industry, you will find that most people are using accounting packages such as pastel, QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero - along with MS Excel.

If you are an accountant or a bookkeeper the above packages will usually fit all your requirements. But if you are an electrician, plumber or HVAC Technician, the aforementioned packages may miss important features, such as job management and vehicle tracking.

What do you do with job sheets and how do you know if your technician is onsite doing the job? Also, what about job expenses or how much profit is being made on every job?

Many software packages may not include these features. With Eworks Manager you can still work with your accounting package and get all of these features - in one system.

Job Management Software to Manage Your Jobs

Eworks Manager is designed specifically for the technical services industry. The system uses best practices to get the job done, while still allowing for all the generic features. It also allows you to create quotes, plan and manage jobs, convert jobs to invoices and so much more. To top it off Eworks Manager allows you to store all your work in one convenient place which means that losing paperwork is now a thing of the past. We also take care of all backups.

Every year, technology continues to evolve. Because of this, most businesses are constantly updating and changing their ways of working. This is to remain efficient and have as much of an edge on their competitors as possible.

Its imperative for businesses to keep adapting to the changing business environment as well as customer demands. For this reason, software keeps evolving too so that businesses can remain ahead of this curve.

With Eworks Manager, you complete any job on time and with a profit. All you need to do is appoint, plan and action all the necessary steps.

The right software can solve a lot of your business headaches and it can make the working environment so much easier. Contact Eworks Manager today to start organising your business the right way.