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Salesforce Lead Management - Lead Tracking software to manage your salesforce

A Full-Featured Salesforce System Designed to Manage and Streamline Your Sales Processes and More.

Eworks Manager is designed to capture and manage details and information for a potential customer or business opportunity. Managing leads is much simpler with our all-in-one Job Management System.

Our Sales Tracking Software lets you import, manage and convert leads to quotations or create tasks against potential sales. With Eworks Manager, your salesforce has access to a more effective and efficient system that handles potential customers and opportunities.

Manage Leads and Enquiries with Ease!

You can import prospective clients, manage existing requests and market to all your contacts.
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Import and convert your prospects to Customers and Quotes

If you have an extensive collection of prospects, Eworks Manager lets you import them with a single action, instead of adding each one manually. Convert a lead into a client. Schedule sales appointments for your field workers to do on-site inspections before creating quotes to send off to your customers.

Full CRM and Task Management

Monitor and assign prospects to your sales team. Easily capture calls, notes, grievances, and send emails to your prospective clients from the CRM section.

Create and manage tasks for your salesforce and your prospects using our Task Management Software. The system notifies the relevant users when tasks need completing.

Add Attachments to Leads

Site documents or user manuals can be uploaded and attached to your leads. When converted to a quotation, the attachment will automatically be synced. Once a quotation is accepted and transformed into a job, the attached documents will be synced to the job for your mobile worker to view on the Mobile Job Scheduling App.

Authorisation of Leads and Reports

The access rights per user will allow you to select a specific person(s) to authorise leads on the system. This is helpful in the case where you have a manager or supervisor who needs to verify whether a lead or opportunity is legitimate.

With the ability to add additional fields in the leads section, you can use the search filter to find specific leads to either export or print for Reporting.

The Complete Business System

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Lead Management System FAQs

1What is a Sales Management System?

A software package that captures and manages information for potential customers or opportunities. Managing Leads has never been more straightforward with our all-in-one Salesforce Lead Management System.

Importing, managing, converting and creating tasks against leads in one place is a far more productive and efficient way to handle potential clients and opportunities. By adopting a tool to manage leads, you save time and can respond to prospects quicker, resulting in an increased chance of landing another client.

2Why is Lead Management critical?
Managing leads effectively helps businesses know which tactics are bringing in the best prospects, allowing you to improve your sales and marketing strategies to be as effective as possible. Lead Management Software records a client's full history of communication with your company, so you can determine precisely how a person was converted from a prospect to a customer.
3How do you effectively manage prospects?

Our Salesforce Management Software joined with our CRM software provides your sales team with the ideal tool to gain knowledge about every interaction with your prospects and customers - ensuring you distribute and respond to leads quickly. Responding more rapidly to requests will instantly set your company apart from your competitors!

Companies generate prospects through multiple online and offline platforms such as emails, social media, websites, paid ads, presentations, etc. Manually adding all of these leads into your CRM software is not very practical, especially when you have an extensive list of prospects. A Lead Management System ensures that every opportunity is automatically integrated into the system from websites, emails, and calls, preventing leads from slipping through the cracks. Capturing the source is essential so that you know what marketing campaigns are working and what isn't.

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