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IT Job Management Software

How Can Eworks Manager Help Manage IT Companies?

Being an IT company ourselves means that we know how important it is to keep on track of everything. Forming strong communication throughout the office is also very important, especially if you have staff that complete jobs outside the office.

Eworks Manager can help both you and your employees keep track of what jobs are most important, due to given deadlines. Doing this ensures that things run smoothly and that all deadlines are met efficiently. Any jobs put into the system can be viewed by anyone else using the same system; a user can hence accept a job and mark the status of that job on the system. This shows all other users the progression of that job.

There is also an Instant Messenger installed into the system, allowing for users to talk to one another about certain jobs. This feature is particularly useful for companies that require a lot of teamwork to get to a final product.

Allow Eworks Manager to take off some of the pressure by allowing you to see what jobs have been completed and which jobs are currently in progress. It also makes it easy to keep an eye on the deadline, so no job goes unfinished.

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